Ozark Trail

This weekend we hiked the Ozark Trail in Steelville, MO. We went over for the weekend so Christine could pace a friend in the Ozark Trail 100 (http://www.ozarktrail100.com/). The trail, at least the parts we were on, was in the Mark Twain National Forest. Given the time of year, the leaves had fallen. It was pretty but we would have liked to see the colors change.

The trail was very well-marked with the tag you can see in the pictures above. Even the Ozark Trail 100 didn’t have to mark the trail given how well the trail was marked.

We had a manageable amount of elevation gain (1155) in the 8 miles of hiking we did on our section of the trail (which started at the road into Bass River Resort and went Southwest). The gain was very manageable though as it was good rolling ups and downs. So you could run the downhills very easily and the uphills would give you a nice break. . .or you could just run everything.

As a side note, we stayed at Bass River Resort (https://bassresort.com/) in a small cabin. The cabins were nice and clean but didn’t have too many frills. No sheets or dishes included but there was a fridge, oven/stove, and microwave in the kitchenette. Full bathroom and three sinks (kitchen, bathroom, and one in the master bedroom). No internet at the cabins or television. There was internet at the main building. The main building had a well-stocked store.

Great for hiking and trail training!

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