About Us

This website is a work of Joshua and Christine Fischer. It’s our hope that this site will be both fun and helpful to you as you commiserate with your running buddies.

Josh has been running since the winter of his seventh grade school year, right before track season started. That year he was named most improved. The next year, he was named MVP of his cross country team and co-MVP of the track team. As a competitor, his favorite race was the two-mile relay, in which his team was undefeated. Josh continued to run on and off throughout college (though not on the college team). His running efforts have slowed considerably in his late thirties when he really “lost a step.” Then in his forties, he’s had knee problems that led to two knee surgeries (including scopes and lateral releases). While he still runs and competes in races, hes much more careful about the distances and methods of training.

Christine was late to the game of running. She started in her forties doing 5Ks. During the time of the 5Ks, Josh could still beat her. She did a 10K at the Tulsa Zoo run and beat Josh. (So to answer your “yes or no” question, Yes, Josh has stopped beating his wife.) She went on to do a challenge race at Pumpkin Holler in Tahlequah, OK of 25k. Again, she beat Josh to firmly establish her dominance in running. At that race, she saw her first 100-mile race being run and thought, “That would be fun to do.” Josh thought (and still thinks) she’s crazy to think that about 100-mile races. Christine moved up to regularly doing marathons. It used to be that Josh and the family would chase her around cheering her on doing marathons. However, it got to be so many races that marathons are hardly worth paying attention to anymore. “It’s only a marathon,” is a common phrase in our household. Christine has transitioned to mostly doing 100-milers and using shorter races for training. To date she’s done 13 100-milers. She’s attempted three others that she didn’t complete. Due to COVID-19, she had to postpone her current goal of completing the Triple Crown of 200-milers. These days, when Josh wants to compete with Christine, he gives her a head start in order to make the races fair. Usually a 40-mile head start is about fair. Then Josh can run the last 10 miles with her and beat her to the finish line. ;-D