Pandemic Follies

In our debut event, Modest Gains is proud to present the Pandemic Follies. It’s designed as a virtual race for everyone. . .that will hopefully make you laugh just a little with family and friends.

If you are not that big into running, no problem. We have the Short Follies. The longest you will run in any one day is 3 miles…and there are a lot of other fun things to do.

For those that are interested in more of a challenge, check out the Long Follies.

And for those of you that are crazy in the group, we have the Ultra Follies.

See what’s included below.

There are some rules for this race:

  1. Follow us on social media (@ModestGains on Twitter and FB)
  2. Do this race with friends as much possible. Social distance as needed.
  3. Record as many of your events as possible to share with your friends and family to give them a laugh.  (Copy us on Social Media if you post there:  @ModestGains for Twitter and Facebook)
  4. Complete no more than two events per day.  (Obviously with #5 you will be working on that over three weeks.)
  5. Complete them all between October 1st and the end of November.
  6. The more outrageous (but G-rated), the better.
  7. You get one “Sick of Corona Virus Pass” to OPT OUT of any ONE EVENT that you would like to skip.
  8. If you would like to get another “Sick of Corona Virus Pass,” cut up pieces of paper with the numbers of each item and draw out a number each day to decide what you will do for your item each day.
  9. Complete number 25 last as your notation that you have finished. Submit your suggestion for a new event here.
  10. You must complete the Follies by November 30th.

If you’re ready to sign up, click HERE!


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